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    Macbook LCD weird problem.
    Picasa Web Albums - 10124650133194110... - Macbook problem

    I have a weird LCD problem with my mac (or so i think). Black spots appear randomly on the screen which are not from my mac's OS or anything. They can be dispersed slightly with the "massaging stuck pixel technique. The thing is they change shapes and everything. The one on top used to be one bigger circle. Then suddenly there were 2 small spots and then they re-merged. By the way; the red thing you see around it is what used to be another spot which i dispersed. strangely.

    Picasa Web Albums - 10124650133194110... - Macbook problem

    This one used to be two reddish sticks; when I used my computer today; i saw it had turned into this.

    Important: There used to be other spots before these two, they dissapeared and the place where they had been appears undamaged. Does anybody know what this is?

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    Jul 12, 2010
    It did not fall or get hit with anything when these appeared; the computer was on when they did and i was using it on a desk.

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    I have to admit I'm completely stumped.

    You should bring the machine in to an Apple Authorised Repair Centre as soon as you can.

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    As Chas_m suggested, get onto Apple ASAP.

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    Mura effect
    I've been reading something about the mura effect. These spots have brightness heightened around them. I'm not sure if it could be that though. The lower left one even has a bright halo. I will take it to Apple right now.

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    I can see having a stuck pixel problem that might affect small parts of the screen..but I don't think I've ever seen stuck pixels form a nice circle before..that is very strange..if you are still within AppleCare limits..definitely take it back to get it fixed/replaced now..


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    That definitely is a weird problem. As suggested you should take it into Apple.

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    Please post back and tell us what they did (if possible).

    I would like to know what happened.

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