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    Exclamation Switching an iTunes library on an external 500GB NTFS drive to Mac OS X
    Hello everyone.

    I have been reading up on Macs for a while now, and with the help of friends, I have a pretty firm grasp on how things work. I have used PC's my whole life, but I like Apple since I got my iPod 4 years ago. :D I'm going to get a 17' MacBook Pro (Core i7) and partition it with BootCamp for Windows 7 (for BlackBerry development).
    My question lies with migrating my beloved iTunes library. On my external drive in Windows, my iTunes library is located at "E:\Vassi's iPod\iTunes\iTunes Library" which is also what it's set to in iTunes. However, the actual information of the iTunes library is located on "C:\Documents and Settings\vmladenov\My Documents\My Music\iTunes". I have tried numerous times to have the information be on the external drive as well, but to no avail. Previously, when migrating from Windows to Windows, I would just move the iTunes folder in My Music (which lacks any music files) to the new computer's My Music folder, and then hook up my external drive (but set the drive letter to E:) and everything works. NOTE: If the drive letter is NOT E: (i.e. I have inserted a flash drive and it has been assigned letter E:, my iTunes library WOULD NOT WORK until I went into Administrative Tools > Computer Management and changed the external drive letter back to E:). The external drive is NTFS, and it needs to stay that way because 3 other Windows machines also use it, and the 4GB file size limit of FAT32 is unacceptable. I plan to use Tuxera NTFS to read/write to the drive in Mac OS. All of my songs in my iTunes library reference a location like the following "E:\Vassi's iPod\iTunes\iTunes Music\artistname\albumname\songname.m4a", and I'm afraid that when I plug the drive into the Mac that the songs "cannot be located", the same thing that happens in Windows when the drive letter is different. Can someone help me? I want to move my iTunes library which is stored on an external NTFS drive (except for the information, which is stored on C:), and I want to read/write to that drive in Mac OS (Tuxera NTFS), and I want the songs not to lose their location references because they don't see the drive as E: in Mac OS. Please help! Thanks!

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    When you get your Mac, open iTunes and use one of the methods approved by Apple to move your iTunes library to the external drive that is already being used. If that external drive is formatted to NTFS you will need a third party utility which can read and write to NTFS from the Mac. It's not complicated. And remember that you can authorize more than one machine for your music.

    The Windows version of iTunes and the Mac version of iTunes use different locations for the main (program) files. However, you can use the same library located on an external drive for both.


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