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    The Unarchiver app / install problems
    I am new to Macs, so please bear with me

    I downloaded The Unarchiver app to unzip zipped media files and now my mac is using the Unarchiver app to try and 'extract' every program I download. I can't install any programs because the Unarchiver can't extract anything from them. I understand how to choose a different program to run the install program, however I don't have another program with which to run the installation.

    so, my question is twofold:

    Is there another 'Winrar' type program which is mac compatible and will unzip zipped media files,


    is there a program I can choose when trying to run an installation on a new program?


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    Uninstall the unarchiver program. Your Mac already has built in capability to unzip .zip files and also to unarchive compressed programs that are in .dmg format.

    Download the free "Stuffit Expander" from here.


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    As the above poster mentioned, the Mac can already handle regular ZIP files without any special software. Stuffit Expander or Unarchiver is necessary to extract RAR files.

    Uninstalling Unarchiver shouldn't be necessary. If it's trying to extract every single file you download, then something is wrong with its configuration. Does it even try to extract picture files and DMG files? Whatever files it's trying to open that you don't want it to, just tell Finder (in file inspector) to assign that filetype to another program and choose "Change All" to make it system wide.
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