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Thread: Updated? (and other things)

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    Updated? (and other things)
    I am brand new to this forum and I'm ordering my first mac tomorrow - a 14" ibook

    Anyway I was just wondering a few things...I notice on the apple support site there are updates like tiger 10.4.1...does my ibook come with the 10.4.1 or just the 10.4, and also where can I find out for myself?

    Also, The airport extreme card...I have a network already in my house its 802.11b which i know is compatible so it should work with my network right? This is definatley one of my biggest concerns

    And finally, I have read some thread son this but still dont excacltye get it...for deleting a program all you have to do is drag the icon into the trash? this seems too easy...

    I appreciate anyway who is willing to answer these newbie quesitons because Im sure they come all the time. Thanks a lot!

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    Your iBook will probably come with 10.4.1 but you can tell by clicking the Apple at the top left corner and going to About This Mac. If it doesn't have .1 on it the software update will probably popup and ask you to download it right away.

    Yes your airport card will work with your network

    Yep to delete a program just drag it to the trash. There are some left over preferences files you can remove also by searching for them but they are miniscule and size so they aren't that important to remove
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    thanks a lot but just a follow up on that...can i delete the prgam i want to get rid ofs icon on the desktop? or do i have to go into my hard drive and delete it form there? thanks for the help

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    You have to delete from the location of where the application is. The icon on the Dockbar is just an alias (shortcut) so removing that doesn't remove the program itself
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