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    Help!!! Quick Pages Question
    This will sound very stupid but I don't know how to correct it.

    When writing a pages documents, the blank page is set to the left of the screen, I want to view it as it would print, not print preview though, i want the page to be set to the middle of the screen, its just how I'm used to it in Word

    Its driving me wild, I know in word its something like View>print view but I'm new to mac

    Rookie mistake!!!

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    Not sure what view you want. If you want a thumbnail preview of how the doc is going to look when print, go to view tab on the left > page thumbnail

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    I think I see what you are saying. What you can do is just move the application window (under the menu bar) to the middle of the screen and your pages document will show up in the middle like you want it. You can even drag the lower right corner to size larger or smaller as needed.

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