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Thread: installing?

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    Question installing?
    ok, im probably a total tool, and i thoght i had this all figured out. but I just Dled limewire. and i opened the .dmg file, and it opened the installer, and so i followed the directions through the install process, all the way through finish.

    ok, good. now....i can't find the actual icon to open lime wire, and i ejected the "disk image" thing, and when i tried to open the icon for the program once i found it, it says that the "alias" was missing...

    i thought u just had to install, and then eject the disk image thing and the icon would load you write into any given program...

    what am i doing wrong??

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    If you installed it using the LimeWire installer, the program should be in your Applications folder. You can just drag the app to your Dock to create an alias (shortcut) for it. :black:
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    ok got it all figured out, thanks for the help, and thank god for AIM too LOL..

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