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    27" iMac
    I've had my new iMac now for around three months. OUTSTANDING machine!! It took a couple of days to get into the new way of doing things as against my PC. If anyone reads this who is contemplating switching, do it, do it, do it.
    Once you've a Mac you'll never go back.
    I find iWork to be as good if not better than Microsoft office, iLife is great and I use Logic express for my music needs, really fabulous software. I think it's been said before and no doubt will be said again and again, the difference between a PC and a Mac is; The Mac just works! I've had some issues but they're down to operator Why does my Mac keep switching off? because I keep plugging and unplugging usb connections in the back and pulling the mains lead out.
    In conclusion: Awesome machine that works.

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    I bought one a couple months ago myself. I really like the iMac. Initially I was turned off by the fact that you can't easily upgrade it. But, then I looked at my 4 year old Dell XPS400 and realized I had not upgraded it once and it still runs well and would actually exceed the requirements for even Windows 7. The bottom line is that by the time I would really need to upgrade this machine, it would be either totally obsolete or wore out. So I realized that looking for a new computer with upgrading it in mind was really silly.
    The Mac OS is a LOT more streamlined then Windows. Everything works faster and I don't have the hang ups I used to have with Windows. As for people who say the Mac is a lot more expensive I say they need to compare apples to apples. When you look at ALL the features and hardware in this 27" iMac and build a Dell with the same capabilities, you are within $100 of what I paid for this iMac. My old XPS 400 was around $1500 four years ago. (it was one of the first 2.88 gig duocore Intel machines)
    I just like the simplicity and stability of the Mac OS-X Snow Leopard.
    I also like how quick things load like Pages or Safari. Working with a wireless network is a snap. The thing found my printer on the Dell with no problem when I set the Dell to allow printer sharing. When I turned on the sharing feature for one of the external hard drives connected to the Dell, the Mac found it and was able to copy files off of it and on to the Mac's hard drive.
    All this was done within the first hour of turning on the iMac for the first time.
    And I had absolutely no experience with the Mac operating system prior to demoing one at Best Buy and then getting this one direct from Apple.
    For people who say they are afraid of having to learn a new system, all I can say is that I found it very easy. There are a few keystrokes that are different, but many are the same as what you would have used in Windows. And for those who are bothered by the 'one button mouse" all I can say is go into the utilities, then mouse, and enable the 'right button" and voila! a two button Magic Mouse.
    Macs are great. About the only drawback is that some companies that made software I really liked, like CorelDraw and Word Perfect (both part of Corel Co.), are not made for Mac. I think they make some paint program for the Mac, but not Corel Draw, Photo Paint, or the Word Perfect Suite.
    As for a word like program and such, I went with iWorks. I refuse to use Microsoft Office for Mac. I bought a iMac to get away from Microsoft!

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    You know what is really weird,I have used a Mac started in 1985 or 86 and have never really used a PC beyond aim now and then.I have never had the urge to even have windows or any other pc software or hardware.Apple has been good to me all these years..... great track record if u ask me! ....justsayin
    I started using PS from finding this forum and all the help I have gotten here thru the years is immeasurable
    thank you MacForums and all it's members

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