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    Besides a new Macbook I will be getting a new router. Questions about that and more
    I will be getting a new Macbook and a new router. I have some questions relating to that.

    1. Do I need to mess around with any settings on the Macbook for my new router? With my old Macbook I was able to just plug my router in and get on the internet, though that old router had already been setup on another computer.

    2. The Macbook I'll be getting won't have the most up to date version of Snow Leopard (either 10.6.1 or 10.6.3). It also won't have the flash security fix or the newest version of Safari. To set up my router I'll have to go to the website of my service provider. Am I in danger because my Macbook won't have the latest updates? I know the newest version of Safari included security fixes and flash had an issue I'm sure we're all aware of.

    3. When I get my Macbook and go to update it to the latest version, will it be ok if instead of running software update I go to Apple's website and download the updates and install them manually? I'd like to put the updates on a disc and I figure downloading them from Apple's website will save me time, rather than downloading and installing them with software update and then saving the files off of Apple's website. Is there any risk in doing it the way I'd like to? Going on the internet with a non-up-to-date computer does worry me.

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    1. It goes without saying that you'll have to set up the new router. If any of the settings on it, (network name, password, etc.) are different, you'll have to make adjustments on the MacBook accordingly.

    2. You should be fine. Don't worry. This isn't Windows

    3. No need to do this. Just download from Software Update and install. Again, this isn't Windows.

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