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    what line is best?? easy question for mac users
    OK, I have decided that at the end of the summer after I make enough money, I am going to buy a Mac, but do not havve any idea which one I want/need. I am going to be a junior in college majoring in English and Political Science. I have had an old Toshiba laptop (maybe 4-5 years old) for my past two years. I'll be using my computer for a variety of small tasks: word processing, music downloading, internet and chat, DVD burning and copying and I usually do 2 or 3 of tehm at the same time. I don't necessarily need a laptop to bring to class everyday and bring to campus; I can do fine with a desktop. But I'm trying to get the best coomputer for the best value. I'm trying not to buy anything too expensive. Basically I'm looking at the iBooks, eMacs, or iMacs; i'm not really sure about the mini, havent really heard anything about it, all I know about it is whats on the site. I'd really like any suggestions on what would be best for me, other experiences with these, opinions, etc. what would be some limitations with the laptop as opposed to the desktop? Will I have to risk speed/power with the notebook? If I wanted to play a powerful game on the notebook, could I? Also, can you buy them in different colors? Thanks. Also if anyone is knowledgeable about Macs and wouldn't mind talking me through a few things, my AIM and Yahoo messenger names are bigboy7267 for both of them. Thanks

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    if you want a desktop get the iMac, it is alot more powerfull then the emac pluss it is not a crt screen. The mini is not worth it because buy the time you buy everthing for it, it comes out to a close enought price to the iMac and not any where near the power so it becomes a stupid thing to buy the mac mini. iBooks seam nice although I don't have one I have a powerbook and that runs very well also. Apple is deffinatly the way to go for your new college compuer tho, and my recomendation stands at the iMac, unless you want to bring it to class and like the portibility then go iBook.
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    Yes, the imac is defenently a better choice! It has the new g5 processor, a larger hard drive, *and* a LCD screen!

    For your serious gaming, U would need something like a Powermac G5, or the top of the line powerbook

    Good luck and Congrats for switching to the mac!

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    apple does not sell the iBooks in colors, but this site does

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    (disclaimer: I tried to post this once and it disappeared, if it show up twice I am an idiot, would a mob please delete the extra)

    I am a recent switcher. (Actually, I go both ways, xp and mac)I bought myself, the kid and the GF ibooks 12 with 768 ram. Love them. The kid uses hers for university and love the portability but she is not a power user. I have a p4 toshiba laptop on my desk that is blazing fast. I can burn a cd edit photos and surf all at the same time, but I don't think I will ever need to do that. if I was not addicted to outlook I could get rid of the p4 because there is nothing I need to do that I can't do with the ibook. (I do need a pc for my pc based business)

    As far as the mini goes, I think its a great value. You can get a lcd keyboard mouse and usb hub for under 400. Upgrade the mini's ram and you have a great computer for around a grand. In canada the g5 imac is 1599. So the minin is great if you are a basic home user. Just my uneducated opinion.


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    ok ive figured out my limit on spending would be around a thousand dollars. what would be some suggestions on what to get? i still havent decided on what computer i want so id like suggestions on what one and what upgrades to make when i buy it

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    Well if you want to spend around $1000,- I'd recommend you get a refurb 17" iMac.
    That's probably your best bang for the buck as the iMac is currently apple's 2nd strongest line (G5, 1,8Ghz etc.)
    Regular retail us $1299,- so you should be able to get it refurbished or with educational discount for around 1000 dollars.

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    OK i was looking for some refurb. macs but couldnt find much; what are some good sites to find them??? I found this one:
    why is it only 1000? it seems like a really good deal for the computer; is it used or what?

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