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    Multi-Page Faxing
    Recent switcher here. What are some solutions to enable multi-page faxing in OS X? The native fax utility in OS X only lets you fax single pages unless I am missing a trick . I saw Page Sender on that the best solution? Anything free?

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    Ok, nobody has an opinion. Lets ask this a different way. What is the best utility or app to use to scan multiple pages into a single file (tif, pdf, etc)?

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    sorry I am unsure about faxing since I do not do it. Did you search through the preferences?
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    Thanks for the reply PowerBookG4. I spent quite awhile poking around fax preferences, and didn't find a way to fax multiple pages. Putting fax aside for a moment, what app or utility will let me scan multiple pages into a single file? For example, I'd imagine that Adobe Acrobat Pro would let you do that through its aquire or import function, but $300usd is too expensive for my taste. I paid slightly more than that for the entire machine .

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    what OS are you running? I heard that faxing in Tiger is much improved, but I don't know as I am still running panther... for now

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    Tiger X.4.1

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    "Page Sender" allows multiple fax .pdf attachments. It seems to work well and is a priced reasonably. The shareware version works, but puts some advertising on the margins of the faxes until you purchase it.

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