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Thread: MBP i7 and 1080p?

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    MBP i7 and 1080p?
    I'm getting a MBP i7 today and I would like to hook it up to my TV and sound system via HDMI. How capable is the MBP at running 1080p? Will I be able to play games fluidly at that resolution? Thanks.
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    You shouldn't have a problem I wouldn't think. The GPU in there is more then powerful enough to handle that resolution. In terms of games fluidly - it'd ultimately depend on the game and the settings within the game. The GPU that's in there is a class 2 mobile GPU, fairly high in the class 2 list if I recall correctly (see: Notebookcheck: Notebook & Laptop Reviews and News ) so it should handle games fairly well.

    You shouldn't haven't any problems playing back video at 1080p either.
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    Haha, 1080p isn't anything. I had a higher pixel density monitor on my powermac G5 with 32MB of video RAM back in 2004. It was an apple cinema display at 1920x1200. So yea, it'll be fine. Easily.

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    I have a 2.4 MBP duo and i hook it up to a 40" LCD tv (samsung) with no problems whatsoever

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