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    Newb keyboard question
    I just ordered a mini and it should be here by he weekend. My current PC does not have a USB keyboard so I need a new key board. I was wondering if there is any keyboards out there that are not Apple brand but have the Apple features? Thanks in advance.

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    Yes. There are also keyboards that are made for both. I have one made by Matias. Just go to an electronics store. Happy shopping!

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    Macally and Kenningston have keyboards specifically made for Mac. Logitech have Mac compatible keyboards but they are not specially made for Mac. This means they just have software drivers so that all their special keyboards features work on Mac.

    There are probably others keyboard brands if you do a search. Pretty much all USB keyboards work on Macs. It's just they don't have the Mac specific keys but there are equivalent keys on Windows keyboards. If you are touch typists it makes it a pain to go back and forth between Mac and Windows keyboards.

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    Thanks! I really like the Macally because it's only $20 so that will be a plus.

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