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    Question Is There An .exe Keygen Alternative Out There?...any tips on what i can do???
    hey all.....i'm not quite sure which forum this goes in, so i guess it can be moved where is appropriate. also, i'm new...hello!

    i've been a mac user for 5 years. i started with a mini. that finally died and i got a beautiful imac. i just wrote out this whole long story of want i want to do and realised i don't need to bore you with details. so, i'll cut to the end....

    i'm a naughty girl and need access to a keygen. i've been struggling with this since i've become a mac user. luckily, i've had helpful people in the past who would help me out with codes but they are no longer around in my life. i can't open keygens because they are .exe files...stupid windows. there aren't ones for macs. i don't want to ask a pc using friend to do it for me since keygens are notorious for holding viruses (so i hear). basically, what can i do? i've read over and over that there are no convertors or any other way to open exe files on macs. should just i go to the library and open one of these pandora's boxes of potential viruses and get my codes? is there some alternative out there i do not know of? am i plain ol' SOL with this???

    any tips or tricks from you brilliant folks???

    thanks a lot for your help!

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    i assuming illegal software can not be discussed here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeky girl View Post
    any tips or tricks from you brilliant folks???
    Buy the software you need.

    We don't discuss illegal activity on these forums, sorry.
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