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Thread: "Junk" Mail (?)

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    "Junk" Mail (?)
    Is there a way the make the Mac email program learn to refuse "junk" mail? I often get repeated junk mail, and wish there was a way to intercept it before it shows-up on my tray. Thanks.

    Pete (The Oldfella)

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    The only way that I know to block junk emails from ever coming onto your computer is if your email ISP server filters out the junk emails and blocks them. Not all ISP will do that and sometimes they will accidentally block legitimate emails so it might actually better that you do it yourself.

    Most email programs like Mac's Mail program has a junk mail filter feature. To turn it on go to your preferences menu in Mail and then go to the Junk Mail tab icon. Check the enable junk mail filtering and choose the settings below it for what you want. In your case you probably want to move all junk mail to a junk mailbox.

    Mac Mail will now automatically move all emails it think is junk to your junk mailbox for you to either delete manually yourself or you can tell Mail automatically delete them. You should really scan through them quickly before deleting them though because the junk mail filter isn't always accurate.

    It has to learn what you consider is junk. You do this when you open your emails and if it is not already marked as junk there is a button in top of your email that you can mark as junk. Mail will now mark similar emails as junk. To unmark your email as not junk then you do the reverse of what I just pressing the junk button again to mark it as not junk. It's not a foolproof method but it does get a lot of junk mail.

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    Thanks much.


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