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    Running windows 7?
    I just bought a new imac and love it, except on of the programs I need to use for work requires me to run windows. I am getting a copy of windows 7 tomorrow from a friend and today I bought a copy of Parallels. The web site for the software says it requires a windows operating system and if you use a mac use Boot Camp. Will it still work with Parallels or is it absolutely necessary I use Boot Camp. Also I only want to use this one program with windows, and continue to use safari and the rest of the mac for my internet connection, my question is do I need anti virus protection. And lastly, if I install Parallels and Windows 7, what do I need to do to install software that requires you to use a windows operating system, do I just put the disc in and the computer will sense there is a windows system installed?

    Cliffs: For questions I need answered
    1. Can I use Parallels, or do I need Boot Camp
    2. Do I need anti virusware
    3. To install software that requires windows, do I need to take special steps

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    First off - make sure you buy your own copy of windows 7 and not use a copy of a friends w/ either an illegal key or a hacked key. It's against forum policy to discuss illegal activity of any nature which includes copying software.

    For your cliffs:

    1) For most software you can use parallels. There is some software (ie: games, some software that requires hardware access not possible in parallels, some software that just doesn't play nice with virtualization, etc) that won't work right in a virtual machine. Many programs work just fine, but without knowing the exact software you're needing to run you'll never get an accurate answer.

    2) For windows you most certainly do. Whether you're running in a VM or running on bootcamp, you should always have AV software. The *only* exception would be if you have the VM not connected to the network at all (you turn off the networking adapter within parallels), but even then it's possible for the windows install to get a virus from connecting an infected USB drive or an infected CD.

    3) Not really, if in bootcamp you just install as normal. If in parallels, you just insert the CD/DVD and if parallels isn't setup to capture the CD/DVD drive by default there's usually a drop down menu or button at the bottom of the virtual machine window that would allow you to attach the CD/DVD drive to the machine (I say usually because I use VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox)
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    Another option might be using Wine for OS X. I used Parallels before and found it to be the most glitchy way to use Windows programs. It is also more convenient (when it doesn't act up) since you don't have the inconvenience of rebooting. Boot Camp was less problematic, but involves a reboot. If it works, Wine is even better (no need to reboot, free, and no glitchyness). But Wine does not work with all Windows software.

    EDIT: Link to beta Wine dmg:
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    I personally use Virtualbox and prefer it over parallels (open-source VirtualBox) for small tasks that require W7. If you need a VM or Bootcamp depends on the application you need Windows for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by versalife View Post
    I personally use Virtualbox and prefer it over parallels (open-source VirtualBox) for small tasks that require W7. If you need a VM or Bootcamp depends on the application you need Windows for.
    This (Virtualbox) is a dark horse in the Mac VM market, but a good, working, and functional one at that for pretty much any average user.

    That said, OP, you do not have to have a Boot Camp installation in order to use Parallels; it's just convenient for many. I believe Parallels also offers a complimentary anti-virus subscription with their package (I know VMware does for sure).

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the help guys, and to answer the first responder, it is a legit copy of windows, I appreciate the help. Thanks again

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