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Thread: Iphone 4G or ipad - which to get

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    Iphone 4G or ipad - which to get
    This is a bit of a newbie question so I'll throw it in here.

    I know a lot about the iphone and the ipad as we all do by now. And I have a question.

    Which of these 2 products should I get? Iphone 4G or ipad?
    And here are some points I thought of.
    Both will cost the roughly the same I would guess as I'd have to buy the iphone outright here in Australia.
    The ipad would give me bigger screen real estate + all the lovely ipads which would be really nice.
    But which the iphone I could replace my really dodgy phone I own now which cost me $50. I sms a bit and smsing on my current phone is very annoying to say the least.

    What I do not like is Apple due to their pricing in Australia has made me choose between the two devices. And on my limited budget I just can not afford both.

    And quite a few people here have asked me the same question and I had no real answer other then "do you want a phone or a computer that is netbook like but 100x better in every way?" I'd like to be able to give them a better answer too.

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    Hmm this is tough.

    I'm guessing from your profile mac specs, you only have an iMac.
    So you dont have a portable computer (Like a macbook or macbook pro)

    It also sounds like your current phone is a POS.

    I personally say, go with the iPhone.
    Mainly because it's a device you will use every single day, multiple times.
    Where the iPad has the occasional usage.

    Then, after you get the iPhone. Begin to save for an iPad. LOL

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    I figure you should get an iPad only if you have a decent phone on the side. Since yours is practically useless, I would definitely suggest getting an iPhone first. You will still be able to do everything the iPad does, just with a smaller screen (though interestingly, the screen resolution will be pretty similar). Plus you get a lot more portability with a phone than a tablet.

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    get both!

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    Well which one do you need more? :p
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    It's only the internet!

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    I have a questions since for some reason I can't post a new thread:

    Everytime I hit the full screen button to watch a YouTube or Vevo or other online video it pauses as it's opening the video like the video stops and it jsut shows like a blanks screen for a couple of seconds before continueing onto the full screen video?
    Does this happen with all Mac Book pros laptops?
    Please let me know!!!

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    In my opinion: Clearly the iPhone 4. If you have a Laptop and a iPhone the iPad becomes useless.
    If you have enough money though...

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    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    To TomTomTuning:
    You are right I only have that imac. And no portable Apple device. But my current phone works just fine. My phone does everything I want it to do but it's a major hassle to get what I need to be done. it's not a smart phone. It's more a wannabe smart phone. Takes ages to type in a sms. having to manually edit my emails on my computer to match my phone (no push support). Not the most fun part of my day
    So your advice = Iphone first then ipad.

    To Kash: You make a good point. But can you use wi-fi only on the iphone so I don't have to pay 3G costs? I really an rarely if ever not in distance of a wi-fi hotspot. So I don't need and don't want to pay for 3G. If I could use the hotspots for free with the iphone like you can on the ipad then I'd be sold. That plus the onscreen keyboard for things like sms and calendar would make my life 100 times easier.

    I will research the wi-fi only options for the iphone. Thank you .
    So your advice = Iphone first then ipad.

    To Gary86
    I would but finances say I can only afford to get one first. And that is the question which one to get first.
    So your advice = No real advice but a comment

    To Eric559
    To answer your question. I need these things.
    1. The onscreen keyboard to type in contacts and sms and other things.

    2. Wi-Fi internet on the go. (I do not want to pay for 3G) And that's just for checking emails and pushing calendar contacts/emails to my imac. I have no real need for Wi-Fi general net surfing. It would be a nice added bonus. But not a necessity.

    3. To replace my ipod. It is a 5G video one. White 30GB. I got it 4 years ago. And I used it so much the max charge is like less then 50% of the original now. And I am thinking if I get an ipad/iphone that could also be my ipod. And then I'd not have to carry around 2 devices anymore, just the one.

    4. The first time I used an Apple touch device was instore an ipad on the weekend. I've lived my life just fine without one. So I don't need to write massive documents or similar things on the go. Just the above things.

    So your advice = of those 4 points 1,3 and 4 would be better on an iphone. I just dunno about 2 and the WiFi on the iphone. But it seems the iphone wins there.

    To Kamina
    I agree with you 100%. But I don't have any Apple portable devices. And I do not see myself purchasing an Apple notebook any time in the future
    So your advice = iphone.


    So 4 advice points there. And they all pretty much say iphone. Sure I'll miss the large ipad screen. But I look at my imac. It is like 4 years old now. And why have i not replaced it? Cause it still works and does everything I need it to. I want to repalce it to but it I don't see the need to replace something that does everything I need 100% still.

    And if I use that mentality I don't have a place for an ipad in my life now. I am trying to find a place for an ipad though. But a phone has a place. A place that really needs an improvement.

    So it seems all your advice is to get the iphone now and then wait to see if I like that then get the ipad. But since I'm not made of money I think it will probably have to be iphone then new imac (one day) then ipad (maybe). Thanks everyone for the comments. I know it's a really hard question. I will cry not getting the ipad's large screen and apps. And having to pay the same price for a smaller device. I think that's the way the cookie crumbles. I want an ipad. But I need a new phone.

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    iPhone 4.
    Technically, it isn't called 4G. Probably to eliminate confusion over 3G or 4G.
    64GB iPhone 6, 64GB iPad Air 2.

    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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