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    Want to get a Macbook. I have some questions.
    I want to get the Macbook that costs $999.99. It's my understanding that a new model is coming out or recently did come out. I hear it looks just like the old model but the specs are different. My questions are:

    Is the new model Macbook already out?

    How can I tell if I'm buying the older model or newer model if they look the same?

    What version of Snow Leopard comes on the new model? Is it 10.6 or 10.6.3?

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    Check apple's website. The never version has the new NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card.

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    The new MacBook was just released a couple weeks ago. If you buy it new, you'll get the newest model. It will also come with 10.6.3 installed. If it doesn't for some reason, it's a simple matter of doing a software update.

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    Well, MacBook pros have looked the same since the unibody came out... they have different specs. The way you tell is... look. Google search what the new model has for hardware, and check the model you're buying's hardware. If it's the 999 version, it's got new hardware. If it's clearance, it's probably the older model.

    In other words, common sense. It should be 10.6.3 since that release was out before the new MacBooks - worse comes to worse, run software update. Which you should do automatically once a week anyway.

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