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    Hard of hearing....turn up the sound!
    I am partially deaf due to Combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan....

    I really like to listen to my music in Itunes on my Macbook. But i either have to wear my headphones or sit next to my laptop. is there a way to turn the sound up further than itunes allows? or do i just need to buy some stereo system to plug my mac into?

    Thank you guys for your help!

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    I would get a stereo system

    Myself, I don't like computer speakers, so my MacBook is plugged in to a Cambridge Audio amp which is connected to a pair of compact but quality Pioneer speakers.

    You should be able to find a decent budget stereo store near you, in the UK we have Richer Sounds - which sells quality stuff at lower prices - and the staff know their kit.

    As well as louder sound a quality amp and speakers will just sound better.
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    THere's volume in iTunes and the volume keys on your keyboard. With both of those controls turned up all the way, that's the loudest you're gonna get without external speakers plugged in.
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