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    iPhoto: How to easily upload selected photos and duplicate photo in separate event?
    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the lengthy title, but I didn't think that these questions warranted two posts.

    Basically I have 2 issues with iPhoto, probably because I'm still unfamiliar with the Apple way of doing things.

    1. I want to be able to duplicate photos in events, which is the default way that iPhoto organizes my pictures. The reason I want to do this is because I have two events that I use for specific stuff. One event for the desktop wallpapers I collect, another for photos that I want to transfer to the iPhone (just 1 or 2, not the whole event/album).

    Regarding the wallpapers, sometimes I take a picture from an outing that I want to be able to put into the wallpaper folder, but it seems like such a hassle to duplicate it within the event, then later drag it into the to the wallpaper event (essentially moving the duplicate over).

    Same deal for the iPhone photos, sometimes I just want a few photos from an album/event synced into the phone, so i have a separate folder that's set to sync with the iPhone.

    2. I often upload to fb/email pictures to friends/family (just like everyone else), but obviously I'm not going to email my whole "XMAS 2009" album to someone. In Windows I used to create a separate "email folder" and copy whatever I wanted to email into there. In iPhoto, I guess i could command+click one by one and then finally hit "email/facebook/export", bu often in the process I want to be able to see a bigger picture (or browse through the pics) just to make sure if it's the one I'm looking for. If i open a photo, I'll lose my selection, which is irritating. I'm sure there's a better way to do this, I guess I just haven't found it yet.

    Suggestions and help will really be appreciated, and thanks in advance!


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    Sounds like you need to learn about albums. Create a new album (File>new album, I think, not at the mac right now) and name it whatever you want -- "Facebook" for instance. Then drag whatever photos you want to use into it from the event(s). You are not duplicating the photo, you are simply creating a link, an alias, to the photo. When you want to upload different photos to Facebook, just delete the ones in the album, and drag new ones into it.

    There are some really good tutorials on the Apple site for iPhoto that should help with your questions.

    Good luck! And welcome!

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