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Thread: News number?

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    News number?
    I have a new MacBook Pro. At the top of the Safari window, there are tabs (Google Maps, YouTube, Wikipedia, News, Popular), and the news one has a number beside it, presumably listing the news stories from a news website I don't read. How can I remove this? The number keeps getting bigger and I don't read American news to begin with.

    Also, how can I include my own links in that tab?

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    Hi there,

    To add bookmarks to the bookmark bar, the simplest way (I've found) is to simply highlight and drag the url from the main address bar on to the bookmark bar and a "+" symbol appears, then once you release the mouse button, your bookmark is in place.

    Hope this info helps.
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    Hi again,

    I've been playing around in Safari (I don't usually use it) and below is the method I've found to selectively remove bookmarks.
    See the screen shots below to help illustrate what I'm doing.
    First off, click the "Show all bookmarks" icon, far left on the bookmark bar

    Next, under "Collections", in the left-side pane, select "Bookmarks Bar"

    Finally, you need to select "News" from the lower pane, right click and then select "Delete" from the resulting contextual menu.

    Hope this info helps.
    Mid 2011 i5 2.5 GHz iMac 21.5"

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    Or you could just disable RSS in Preferences.

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