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Thread: Mac Bootcamp and The Sims 2 ???

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    Mac Bootcamp and The Sims 2 ???
    Hi there,

    Saw newbie stuff was allowed to be in here and I think I fit in to that!
    I've been a PC user for nearly my whole life and have only recently got a Mac for University when they had discounts going on.

    My issue is that at the time of purchase I wanted it all to be Mac and Apple, so when they said do you want Windows on here I was like, if I wanted Windows I would of gone to PC World! Na´vely as I was at the time I now realise there are some things I still cant figure out on here that I knew how to do on a PC. Most are silly things with iwork etc etc but one that is playing on my mind and is making me kick myself is that if I got Windows I would of been able to play my Sims 2 games on my MacBook laptop.

    So my question is can I have Windows as well as the Mac version (don't know what its called)?

    I'm thinking NOOOO as it would change the entire style of the MacBook and make it Un-Macich completely, but as I am a newbie I wanted to see if there was another way around it. A tern I came across was Bootcamp, but have no idea what this is.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


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    Take a look at this article from MacWorld. There's literally a ton of material available on the web and in these forums about running Windows on your Mac.

    Do some searching.


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