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Thread: How to find OS version

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    How to find OS version
    How can I find the version of MacBook Pro Operating systems? Does anyone know a site for tips and tricks on MacBook Pro?
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    Like the version you currently have? You can go to the Apple icon in the menu bar, in that drop down select About This Mac and it will tell you which version you have (10.6.x is Snow Leopard, 10.5.x is Leopard, 10.4.x is Tiger...)

    In terms of using your MBP, probably the best bet is to find the OS you have (if it's brand new just bought from the store, you most likely have Snow leopard unless you bought new old stock) then look up a book called:

    Mac OSX <OS VERSION>: The Missing Manual

    so if you have Snow Leopard, it'd be called: Mac OSX Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual - it's a paper back book that really gives you a lot of the ins and outs of OSX.
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    Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then click on "About this Mac". For tips go here.


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    Apple has a page full of cool little hints, some well known, others more obscure.
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