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    Quick question about switching computers regardin IPHONE
    Hi there, brand new to mac products... got a iphone a month ago and just switched from pc to mac book pro yesterday , my question is there a way to sync my ipod with my new computer and not lose the apps? i have purchased them all and i know i can re-download them but there is alot... sorry if this is a dumb question or has been covered before.

    PS I dont care about the music just having to find and redownload the apps

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    late 08 macbook 2.0 4gig 320hdd10.7.3 32 gig iPhone 4s

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    Okay thanks alot I will try out the disk back up method, Yeah I am really looking forward to having a well organized machine as i use my laptop for djing and my old PC is in terrible shape, that is why I only really care about my apps and not the music

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    Clay, Great link! Out of all things apple, I have found I cannot wrap my brain around the syncing issue. Since my MBP is my only computer (Yes, I no longer have a Win PC), I'd like to make this the "master" as far as itunes goes. I keep trying to sync my music, but, like a newb, I end up wiping it off of my iPhone and I have to re-sync all my music.

    I searched these forums and found I have to manually sync. I'll continue to search the forums, but any links or pointers to have this be the master would be hugely appreciated.


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