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    Mobile me question..
    hi guys, not sure if this is the right place to post this as it is about mobile me, but i am struggling a little with it. i have ticked all the sync boxes and whilst calendar dates , contacts etc seem to sync nice with my imac, mbp,ipad and iphone, my email folders and rules on the imac arn't being replicated on my mbp... am i doing something wrong or do i have to set it all up manually on my mbp?


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    The folders and rules will not replicate on the device afaik, mine never have. All of those are device. You have to do it manually.

    Remember, with IMAP e-mail, anything you drag out of your inbox on one device, is now gone from the inbox of all devices. I have chosen to have my desktop G5 as my primary mail device and all others as secondary. This means that all e-mail stays in all inboxes until I get to my desktop to clean the inboxes out. This can last for several weeks to a few months in my case.

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