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    hey guys im still shopping around for an iMac and may pull the trigger in a few weeks but I did have a concern.

    I have had Apple laptops before and dont really remember dual screen working out too well for me. If I get an iMac are there any models w/ cards that are better than others. I am looking to go at least core2duo, do they all have a good output to extend to my 32" Samsung LCD TV so that I could drag over a full screen stuff from Hulu or wherever else onto the TV.

    The TV has VGA in, HDMI in, component in and svideo

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyFIVE View Post
    I have had Apple laptops before and dont really remember dual screen working out too well for me.
    I'm kind of confused by what you said above...or how you said it. Maybe it's "Florida English" Ha ha...just teasing!

    Do you or do you not remember if you had issues with your laptop & an external monitor? I know from your other thread that you have a 2008 15" MacBook Pro. Usually the newer MacBook Pros have pretty decent graphics hardware...and work pretty well with external monitors.

    It's not like I'm trying to talk you out of getting a newer iMac...but I would hate for you to buy one...hook it up to an external monitor (your 32" LCD TV)...and not get much better performance than your laptop.

    Also remember that the performance of streaming stuff like Hulu to your TV is not just related to your computer hardware (MacBook Pro or iMac)...but also related to the speed/bandwidth of your internet connection or how busy the Hulu website is at the time you're streaming.

    If you have a cable modem (say through your local cable TV provider) speeds can depend on how much demand there is in your area at any one time.

    Hope this helps,

    - Nick
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    I dont have any apple laptops anymore. I got an iPad for work because it makes my life easier. (I am Sales Manager so I dont need a powerful portable computer) the iPad is perfect and is why I got rid of my laptop. I have only had a macbook, and macbook air.

    Is it easy to set up the iMac to extended desktop so I can drag the video over to the 2nd screen, my 32" LCD? thats pretty much the question. I dont have very many XP points in dual screen with snow leopard.

    lol, florida english.

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    My 20" iMac worked wonderfully with my Dell 24" wide screen LCD monitor. No problems at all. The extended desktop was very nice. All you need is the adapter that plugs into your iMac. Dual monitors worked better on my iMac than on my Dell XPS.
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