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    Is a mac ownership transferable (and what abt AppleCare)?
    My brother just bought a laptop using his student discount and I wanted to buy it off him (saves me some money!). I had a couple of questions:

    1. Will the default 1 year warranty hold good if ownership transfers to me?

    2. If I decide to buy a AppleCare plan sometime soon, would it hold good considering I am not the original owner?

    3. Do I need to have legal paperwork showing I purchased it from him?

    Your help is greatly appreciated !

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    Yes. ...*lengthens message to fit parameters*

    As for paperwork, I don't think so. As long as it's registered. And if it isn't registered, you can register it and then buy apple care.

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    1. Get your brother to take up Applecare.

    2. Purchase the machine from him.

    3. See third entry from bottom on transferring:-

    Apple - Support - AppleCare - FAQ

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    Someone buys a Mac using his student discount then sells it to someone else who is not a student. Is that a valid topic for discussion here?
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    Apple would obviously prefer if the purchaser actually used the mac, but they don't / can't prohibit students from selling laptops they purchased.

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