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Thread: Wifi signal? Where did you wonder off to?

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    May 27, 2010
    Wifi signal? Where did you wonder off to?
    Ok so here is the deal(shoot me in the face if its already posted) I turn on my mac mini today to do some wondering around the interweb, and to my surprise *gasp* *sigh* no signal meter telling me i have any sort of connection. Could i have no internet? well i jumped on Safari and i was cruising the web, but no meter in the task bar telling me i was.

    My question for you people i don't know is... Where is it and how do I get it back? I've been trying to search the web for a solution, and just like my internet meter, nothing exists(that i can find).

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    Welcome to the Forum. Go into Sys Prefs/Network and select Airport in left pane and check box `Show Airport Status in menu bar'

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    Well I wet there and there is no left pane, and no option to choose show airport card. I am running Tiger Os X. does thi Distro not have that option?

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    HELP! no network meter in taskbar
    I posted this in another section but figured maybe i could get a little more help here.

    I am relatively new to macs and i i just got myself a mac mini with Tiger OS X 10.4.11 . Well I turned it on for the first time, connected to the internet using a net-gear wireless adaptor and it worked like a charm, then applied all updates that it needed now i am cruising the internet.

    My question for the community is up in the task bar by the volume button shouldn't there be a internet connection meter like wifi signal or ethernet connection meter stating i am connected? I know on my ibook g4 that i owned before it had it. am i mistaken or is there just some utility that i have to go download for free or purchase. this is more of a cosmetic look than a need to have deal.

    any insight into this deal would be much appreciated.

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    well i guess it got moved to my origanal posting.

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    Merged crossposts.

    It is located in System Preferences - Network as Collin pointed out.

    Most of us have moved on to Leopard or Snow Leopard, and what we see may be a little different than what you see. So, wander around the various tabs and buttons there to find it.

    (The regular members here are going to see your post pretty much no matter where it is located.)
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    Bob nailed it. I don't have a Tiger machine anymore since upgrading the eMac to 10.5, but it is definitely somewhere in the network settings, under airport. 10.4 has spotlight, so open system preferences and search for "airport status menu" that should point you where to go.

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