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    Glad I switched!!
    Hello everyone,

    I have had my Macbook now for just over 2 weeks and I honestly could not be happier. If I was in any way a bit worried about whether or not the switch was worth it for me, that was completely erased earlier today.

    I had to boot up my old laptop to transfer some files across I'd forgotten about when I originally switched and what should have been a pain free 2 mins took me 35. My computer blue screened twice and it took 25 mins to copy 600 mb of word documents onto my hard drive. What's more is that the laptop is not even a year old and is already doing this, whereas my Macbook, bought from a cousin is 2 years old and outpeforms the laptop on every level.

    I am so glad I switched, thanks to everyone here who helped convince me it was the right thing to do, and for anyone still on the fence, I hope my story helps push you onto the Mac side of it.


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    More people would come to this conclusion if they actually tried it outside of playing with it in a store for less than 3 minutes.

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    I also switched in January 2009 to a 20" iMac and after being on computers since 1973 was smitten by Apple. In fact I liked it so much that after fourteen months of my 20" iMac I took delivery of my 27" i7 yesterday and have hardly been off it.

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