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    Is there a plugin for Safari that makes it report to a website that it is Internet Explorer?
    Who designs these awful websites?
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    I don't know of a plug in for Safari that emulates IE. There are several for Firefox but they only work with the Windows version of Firefox. Google supposedly has been working on a plug in for Chrome that emulates IE, but again that may only be for the Windows version.


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    Access the Develop menu by opening safari preference, going to the "Advanced" tab, and check the box... then under the develop menu, go to user agent and tick the box for IE 8 :-P


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    When I tried that site on your picture, Safari got straight through to the log in page - nothing about needing IE. Same thing happens with Firefox.

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    The timeclock website I use also requires IE. I can get the login page and login with any browser, but I either get an explicit "IE ONLY" screen like yours, or a blank page. Even my Blackberry, which has an "IE spoof" option, just does a blank page.

    It's kinda silly since the actual page isn't particularly complicated. It should work on any browser. I am annoyed that I can't clock in/out from my iPhone.

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