Hi guys and gals.

As the name suggests I repair PC's (please, please, please, don't banish me to the dark side just yet, I have seen the light.....LOL) I have had to take a serious crash course in mac's, and to my amazement have found them very easy to use, (please note that I have not converted yet......) as I am unfamiliar with their use I need some serious help. I have a customer that uses a mac (I am assuming it is a MBP) running OSx 10.6 the drama that I am having is using an image either in .jpg or .bmp format as a email signature. I have successfully used the same image on (Microshaft Office 2007 Outlook) and my customer has received the email with the image showing in the main body of the email not as an attachement. However when I sent an email from her mac today to my email address. the image had been stripped out of the body of the email and sent as an attachement with the email. I hope I have explained things clearly. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Cheers to all