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    Email was hacked, new to Macs please help!
    Sorry I was not sure if this thread would go in here but I thought I would try my luck.

    I have a brand new MacBook and I have never had problems before with hackers. Recently I went on vacation for a week to come back to find my yahoo email password not working. I re-set the password and logged in to find someone sent me a private message from myself stating my password wasn't too secure and that they found a private photo of my fiance and that they will send it to all my friends/family if I don't send them every photo I own to them of my her. I ignored it at first thinking I would be left alone. A few days ago they created a facebook using my name spelt slightly different and private messaged with a link to some major porn uploading site with a photo of my fiance with no top. At first I was like how did this person get that? Little did I know my iphone synced some of my old phone photos to my email sigh....

    I am not too good with computer and I was wondering if anyone who has knowledge with this subject could help me out with some advice please. I changed all password to everything I own to very intense long, symbols, numbers, caps etc passwords. My fiance's information was also changed. Is there a chance they could of installed something on my computer from opening that photo/email that can spy on me? Be pretty hard on this mac no? Any information would be greatly appreciated. The authorities are also involved with this matter. I have a friend that is very good with computers that wants to attack this person back but really I just want to somehow find the town or something where they are from. They have made a FB in my name and a new email, is there no way for yahoo or FB to search the area it was made!?? Please help!

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    Well, I guess now you know to pick a 14+ character password with no words from any language, at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, at least one number, and a special character.

    Change all of your password for everything you've got. It's not very hard to hack into a webmail account, especially when your password is something easy as I'm sure it is/was.

    Check out this article, and maybe you'll watch your back better in the future. And no, it has nothing to do with your mac. The photo was probably in your inbox. Next time your girl sends you dirty pictures of herself, save them to your hard drive and encrypt the file... it's common sense.

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