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Thread: 2 simple issues

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    2 simple issues
    Hi friends,

    1. I stlll get a few people who complain that they are unable to see my attachments (usually .jpg images). My settings are to send "windows friendly attachments'. Is there any better way to manage this issue?

    2. I guess i got a bit over-enthusiastic and downloaded quite a few programs - such as Notetaker - Notebook - Postbox etc ... which i now realise i dont need. Is there a good n simple program to properly uninstall these programs and the files from the Library files?

    Thank you.

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    I can't answer #1, but #2, I use AppCleaner ( Download AppCleaner for Mac - Uninstall your apps more easily. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads ) - it's always worked well for me for the drag and drop apps.
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    How many .jpg's are you sending?
    What are the file size of the individual images?
    Do you have a 2nd email account, if so; test message your 2nd email account with the attachments.

    I also use AppCleaner. You open AppCleaner, then drag the application you want to remove into AppCleaner. It then quickly searches your computer for associated files and gives you an option to delete them all. Then you empty your trash can to finalize it.

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    Re 1. I have the exactly the same problem so when using Mail I zip the images into one zip file and send that. I don't have any problems when I use Hotmail though. Mail seems to embed the image into the email rather than attach it as a file, Hotmail on the other hand seems to attach it as you would expect.
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    1. You can also try going to going to Edit->Attachments->Always insert attachments at the end of messages. If that doesn't work you can try sending everything in Plain Text by changing your options in the preference menu.

    How large are the image files you are sending? Some mail services have a small file size limit.

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    Thanks so much for the help..

    1. Appcleaner - downloaded it - works like a charm.
    I had installed Postbox - then moved the icon to the trash.
    So if i need to delete the left over files, how do i do that?

    2. Email attachments - still remains a mystery.
    - - number of attachments vary from 1 to 10 - but the guys who complain - are those to whom i'm sending only 1 or 2 attachments.
    - - even tried "windows friendly" or "attach end of message" - but some people still cannot see the attachments.
    Anyway, that number is not very big - but still, it does remain a minor issue.

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