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    Mar 27, 2008
    Magic Mouse does not glide well on my wooden desk, thinkng of picking up mighty mouse
    Does anyone know if the mighty mouse is smoother to move around on a wooden service then the magic mouse? I have a logitech G5 that i use for PC which glides like a treat, was wondering if the mighty mouse was the same. if so, i think i may need to pick up, sure the multi-touch is nice on the magic mouse but i just don't like the smoothness of it and the way it sounds when im gliding it along due to the rubbery/plastic feet.

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    I actually prefer the Mighty Mouse... for now. It has 4 buttons and works perfectly, except for times when the scroll ball gets gunked up, but that's pretty easily fixed by turning the mouse upside down and rolling the trackball around on a stack of printer paper. I don't know how wooden your desk is, but mine is made made of wood and I have no problems with tracking.

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    I'd look at my local hardware store for some stick-on feet that might work better...or maybe at a store that sells stuff for crafts/picture frames. Various plastic/rubber/felt options available for a couple of bucks might fix it, and if're only out a couple of bucks.

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    A good trackpad might serve you well. I use one on my wood desk and the Magic Mouse works really well.

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    i use a 200gsm sheet of paper under my Magic Mouse and it has quite a fine movement response relationship

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    mouse pad?? i used to not use a pad, but then i quickly wore the finish off the desk and had no choice. since then i wouldn't even think of going without one. personal preference i suppose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucky7 View Post
    mouse pad?? i used to not use a pad, but then i quickly wore the finish off the desk and had no choice. since then i wouldn't even think of going without one. personal preference i suppose.
    ditto on this cause i found some optical mice don't work too nicely on wood desks even the cheap ones from staples.

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    piece of paper works fine, for laptop you can use the space on the left or right of the trackpad works fine.. dude, it takes like a second and a hlf of brain space to come up with a solution.
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    I use Teflon baking sheet. It works brilliantly.

    It's paper thin, very low glide resistance and can be glued down was pritt stick (don't know if that available where you are but it can be peeled away without damaging the surface below)

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    Stick with Logitech :-) I used the so-called Mighty Mouse for half-an-hour before throwing it in the bin

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