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    May 21, 2010
    just came home with MBP-bootcamp/ MS question
    I just brought my first MAC (besides iphone) home from Apple Store- I bought the 13" MBP and am certain it is just what i want and need- however- I must run Windows for one specific program necessary for my work- and am clueless as to where to start- I am only aware that I need to purchase Windows- right? Even if I own 20 copies from old/ other systems not being used? So, do I just go buy the Windows 7 OS and install? I prefer XP- and would settle for ick-Vista if it cost less and was available- but, see how little I know at this point? I am prepared to do some research, but hoping for any advice to start- as I am slightly overwhelmed already...have not even removed from the box- and home for 2 hours already...

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums. This is a great place with a great group of people. Don't be afraid to ask...

    Get used to your new MBP first before you start thinking about installing Windows. Once you get the feel of your new machine, you'll have a better idea of its capabilities.

    Your new MBP comes with the Boot Camp Assistant Utility pre-installed. Please read the Boot Camp documentation thoroughly (you can print it out) before doing anything. And yes, you will need a licensed copy of Windows to use. You can use either XP SP2, Vista, or Win 7.

    You might also consider running Windows from a virtual machine instead of using the Boot Camp utility. The very nice Sun Micro Systems VirtualBox is a free VM application that can be used. You will still need a licensed copy of Windows.

    Any other questions, feel free to ask.


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    Skip Vista - it just isn't worth it.

    Virtual Box is a good choice - especially if the one program isn't very compute intensive. If it is compute intensive you are better off running in bootcamp.

    If it is supported - another choice is wine - but if the program isn't in the list skip this option.
    MacOSX - The Official Wine Wiki
    The application database
    WineHQ - Wine Application Database

    Personally I run Windows 7 in bootcamp when I need all the processing power (I have to run engineering apps) - When I am just running office/email - I use Parallels that point to my Windows Bootcamp partition and just run inside OSX.

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    depending on what the program is that you need to run, you may can also just run it with Wine ...

    is it a work specific program ? (proprietary) or is it a normal program that your work just needs you to use? ... what i am finding out (being a recent MBP owner as well) .. with enough research there are programs out there that will replace most every windows based program there is ...

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    See if your work doesn't have licenses available for XP laying around, and install XP in VirtualBox (free) or get parallels (which lets you put windows app icons on your dock and launch them as if they were native).

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    I am self employed-so any Windows Copies would be here- in my office- and most are discs that came with the PC's when we to the PC specific program- yes- it is proprietary- and not available to the general public- it is a document retrieval system that I have to use-but that is the ONLY thing I would use Windows for period.
    I looked somewhat on-line for options to purchase- and am really baffled as to what my options are...

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    The generic discs that came originally with Dell and other brands will not install on your MBP, you do need to look for a new or what is known as an OEM version. As a suggestion have a read up on Bootcamp, install XP SP3 or Windows 7 using Bootcamp and install on that partition a copy of Microsoft Security Essentials.

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