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    Is there a difference?
    Okay, so i'm getting a 15in MBP soon and i was wondering is there a major difference in processing power between the i5 and i7. mainly the notebook will be used for college but i do want to run some games and do video editing on it. i will also be using bootcamp. so main question is: "Will I notice a significant difference between the two processors; the i5 and the i7 in terms of power?"

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    Yes, there's a difference. Noticeable or not, I couldn't say personally. Here is a benchmark test by LINK
    Judge for yourself if you think you'll need the i7 or not. FWIW, the i5 will more than handle the tasks you mentioned.
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    That chart is for the desktop processor - which I agree - the i7/i5 has quite a few differences. The MBP uses the mobile i5/i7 chip which isn't as differentiated.

    If you can afford the i7 get it - if you are budget constrained the i5 is plenty for your needs. The more powerful computer you get the longer it will last (as far as being able to run programs)
    Check out geekbench to get an estimate of the mobile i5
    Search Results for 2010 i5 : Geekbench Result Browser
    vs i7
    Search Results for 2010 i7 : Geekbench Result Browser

    These are just for comparison - but it gives you an idea of how much faster the processors are compared to each other.

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