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    May 21, 2010
    Exclamation 3gs problem please help
    Hello , i know that theres a section for iphones , but it says "hardware"...while my problem is a software related one.

    My iphone 3gs FW 3.1.2. is unlocked using blackra1n ,and while i was using it today,it froze (on safari) .
    So i held the switch ON/OFF and the HOME button ,and it restarted.then the apple logo appears.and after it an image telling me to plug the iphone to itunes.

    I plugged it into itunes(On a pc without internet connexion,because im scared that it would update automatically to 3.1.3 [i dont know if im scared vainly]) , and itunes says tht i have to connect to the internet so it could connect to server update center and recognize the phone.

    My questions :

    1- Is there a risk of AUTOMATICALLY (without me pressing anything) updating to 3.1.3 when connecting to the internet ?
    2-after connecting to itunes , what will happen ? will i need to unlock the phone again ? if yes , what do i have to do ?

    Thnaks A LOT in advance......

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    It would help if you put the subject of your post in the title.

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    it will not update without you agreeing to it.... there is a change iTunes wants to restore in which case you lose everything, you'll have to JB it again and who did the unlock ?
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    May 21, 2010
    A friend did it but i don't know how exactly(he's not available now).
    All i can remember is the blackrain icon on my iphone.
    And by "u have to JB again" , do u mean that i should download the 3.1.2 fw and reinstall it on the iphone and then use blackrain or directly use black rain and "make it rain" ?
    (By the way thanks for your reply)

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    Sorry, no discussion of jailbreaking or the tools used to do it is permitted on these forums.
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