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Thread: Mac Mini Kiosk

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    Mac Mini Kiosk

    I'm trying to set up an opera kiosk (running the latest version of opera).

    1) How do you set in kiosk mode on OSX?
    I've gone through the FAQ Opera: Kiosk mode
    and it says for OSX use this in the command line:
    Applications/ -kioskmode

    Which is fine, but I'd like this to boot automatically as a login item every morning. Currently I'm using the automator to open the terminal and run this command, but it doesn't seem optimal.

    2)When Opera loads OSX seems like it hasn't started the wifi or something because it will say page not available.
    Is there a way to have the browser refresh? Any suggestions from those that have used Opera as a kiosk browser?

    3)On OSX 10.4 the sleep/off prompt will cause the flash application to exit full screen, but on Snow Leopard this behavior does not happen. Is there a way to disable these OS notifications like the wifi mouse not connected, computer will go to sleep in 10 mins etc?


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