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    Question Just bought a MacBook pro 15 " but with 350 gb of Hardrive
    Is 350 gb of hardrive enough? I paid an extra 100 dollars cuz I bought it in a retail store vs. buying it online, should I return it and pay the extra 50 dollars to buy the Mac Book pro 500 gb of hardrive online?
    Is it worth it? Would it be worth paying the extra 50 dollars compared to the price I payed at retail for the 350 gb of Hardrive or should I just keep my mac that I got and not get a refund then buy online??

    Does the 500 gb of hardrive make the difference? Is 350 GB of space enough??

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    Unless I'm mistaken the new laptops are 320 gb and not 350. It's kind of hard to answer your question without knowing how you use your computer. 320 gb is a lot of space if you don't save a lot of large files like video and pictures but it's small if you do save a lot of large files.

    If you just surf the internet most of the time and save the occasional word processing file or stuff off the internet that are not large then it will probably take you awhile to fill the hard drive. Also keep in mind that you can always upgrade the hard drive later yourself or pay someone to do it for you. In other words choosing the hard drive size is not a permanent decision so it's not the end of the world if you made the wrong choice.

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    If I get what you are saying then the 500gb model that you can get online will cost you 150$ more then the 350gb online purchase, which seems like a huge difference to me.

    My suggestion would be to return he retail model anyway, purchase the same model online and get a nice 1tb external harddrive with the extra cash. Whether you are going to use all that space or not is a different question, but at least you will have a good additional piece of hardware for backups and storage.

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    i got a 32GB HDD in my 15" mbp (mid 2009) and i only used up about 62GB of space atm, the rest is on my external, its big enough for anyone to use normal day to day without filling it up. Unless your filling it with alot of movies and photos i extememly doubt you'll use it all.

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    i wouldn't worry so much about it. like mentioned before, i'd get a 1TB external drive to save all your junk on. i edit photos here and there, so i got my imac with a 1TB HD. but i already had a 250GB WD, as well as a 1TB WD that i still store as much as i can on. when i pick up a MBP, i'm just going to get the 320GB model. there is only so much stuff i can save on all my drives. if i fill up one of my externals, i'll just buy another 1TB. i think i got my WD mybook (1TB) for like $99 shipped from newegg. congrats on the purchase!

    but just to add to my post, a TB is a ton of storage space. despite shooting all my photos in raw, and always saving the original raw files, i don't think i've put much of a dent in my HD so far.
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