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    changed man
    well after running with other os for over 15 yrs now i decided time for a change. that and Im getting more into photo editing and stuff. I went out and threw down the cash for a small macbookpro-13 in with a 2.4 ghz intel, 4 gigs of ram and snow leopard osx. All i can say about the mac is wow this thing is easy and clean. very fun also everything at the touch of my fingers.
    Im currently using lightroom3 beta and dont wanna drop the cash for cs5 yet does anyone know of an alternative program for editing?

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    Welcome to the MBP fold, I too am a recent switcher, and have not looked back since. Best thing I ever did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickyfin View Post
    Welcome to the MBP fold, I too am a recent switcher, and have not looked back since. Best thing I ever did.
    Same here. I jsut wish i knew a lot more about the thing and computers in general
    A new MacBook Pro user as of oct 09 and loving it!! Sorry for the stupid questions i am asking as i know you will have been asked them a million times before

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    Photoshop Elements is inexpensive and well-regarded for editing. There are other options coming you should keep an eye on as well.

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    Don't overlook Preview - it has a bunch of features for simple editing stuff;

    Click for full size

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