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    Mar 27, 2010
    Hi i have just had a pop up box saying "" asking if i want it to allow, deny or once to connect to the internet.

    I cant recall downloading this or ever installing it. i am very paranoid about things trying to connect to the internet without my permission.

    Does anyone know how this arrived on my imac, does it come with something , should i be worried , can i remove it.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

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    Did you purchase your machine used with software already installed? If not, then it's something you installed. See the following LINK describing what Growl is and how it's used.

    It does no harm to your machine and once you learn how to use it, you may find that you like it. And yes, it can be removed. Refer to the web page above that I linked.


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    If you've installed Adium lately it installs Growl. There might be other apps that install it too.
    I've been using Growl for years, but if you don't want it uninstall it. Personal preference.

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