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    Hey guys, i have a 15" Macbook Pro with the GeForce 8600M, i purchased it in august 09, and got the extended 2years on the 1yr warranty, have apple pro care aswell.

    So, here's the thing... I play WoW and my macbook heats up like crazy. Fans are maxed @ 6k constantly, and my cpu is reaching top heat of 97~celcius. on top of this, i'm not even raiding or anything, i'm just standing there doing nothing and my computer just goes to work.. this isnt what usually happens, but i feel like it has been happening slowly over the past 2 weeks.

    I was thinking of calling in tomorrow morning when i wake up and seeing what they can do.

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    Have you tried resetting the SMC here altho it may be that the video card is suspect in which case this
    may be of interest.

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