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    Mac Burns
    Can anyone help, I have just had my New Imac and i have done a back up copy of my New DVD Avatar as the kids will no doubt ruin the original. when i tested it on the normal DVD player it freezes for a second then carries on, it does this about 4 times throughout the film , when i play it back on my Imac its fine.

    Can't understand why its doing this. never had these problems before using the exact same disc's as on my old PC.

    I was wondering if the firmware on the imac needs updating on the DVD drive to recognise more media. just a thought any help would be appreciated.


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    May 05, 2010
    Have you tested other burnt DVD's on that DVD player? I had the same issue where on my pc after i burnt a copy of my original dvd, on the pc it was perfect, on one of my dvd players it would do the same thing as you stated above, but when i try my newer dvd player it works perfect. How old is your DVD player? it could just be old age.

    hope this helps


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