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    Question ipod transfer going horribly slow...
    so like the title says, my ipod transfer rate from my itunes to my 160gb ipod classic is going slow, even more than slow, songs are transferring at about one song per two minutes at the moment and/or itunes will just stop responding.
    the whole problem started yesterday while i was listening to music on my ipod, while i was listening to a song it all of a sudden skipped to the next one, as soon as that one started it skipped until two songs later it finally settled down. i looked up what could be the matter, some places said hard reset your ipod and it should solve the problem, that didnt do any good, same songs skipped at the same times. i went to update my itunes software to 9.1.1 (12) thinking that would help, no good. so in the end i restored my ipod to factory settings, nothing has worked. i fear that my ipod might have internal problems or is it my macbook?

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    Have you tried a hardware repair on the ipod with disk utility? If there is any major errors on the drive disk utility should point them out.

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    Make sure you are not running the iPod cable though a hub, that can slow it down a lot
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    i wasnt running my ipod through a hub and i did the disk utility repair, but now i have an even bigger issue, when i connect my ipod to my computer it ejects itself, like as soon as it has been connected, and it happened right after i tried to check for problems with disk utility

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