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    May 14, 2010
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    Alright, early spring of last year (2009) an energy drink, Venom,
    spilled in my back pack, where my macbook was.
    I took it to a second party apple certified shop, and they told me the
    logic board was trashed, and the battery is trashed - as well as a
    number of components connecting to the battery and etc. They priced it
    at around a $1,000 repair, so "you might as well buy a new one, and we
    can put your files in that."
    After which, I refused to go to anyone to get it fixed, not even an
    actual apple shop. I couldn't afford it, and (though it was incredibly
    inconvenient because i am a student) it still worked if it was
    connected to the wall.
    So for about a year I've been limping it along. It was working as well
    as it has been despite its damage, up til about 2 1/2 weeks ago when I
    unplugged it from the wall, after being connected for a few days,
    nothing more than regular, and it refused to boot up afterwards. It
    would look like it was booting with the apple grey start up screen,
    with the moving wheel, but then the boot up (is it an install start
    up??) bar would show underneath, getting about a 5th of the way to
    complete, taking about 5 minutes, and then turning completely off with
    no progress made.

    So, now for the questions.
    Is it still the logic board and battery? Or is it much more than that now?
    If I go and get a diagnostic done and find out nothing can be done,
    have I really lost all of my papers, files, music, movies, programs and
    Is there any cheap, reliable way to go about fixing this??
    I know i can find people on eBay who will take the computer and put the logic board in for around $200, but I am a little weary of that type of situation. Time is of the essence, finals are coming up, as are many project deadlines, and I'm heading off to college in august.
    Though money has been awful tight, money is slowly increasing, so I am open to many suggestions.

    I wish I knew more tech related things to get a better answer to my questions, but If i did, I probably wouldn't be here.. :/

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    And alas fluid spills, particularly sugary drinks, often spell the end. Time was of the essence when the spill occurred about a year ago!

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    At this point there is no telling what all is damaged and corroded without taking it apart and inspecting it. It's possible the hard drive is still ok, and maybe not. Only way you or anyone else will know is by connecting it to another machine.
    I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth.
    In the Windows world, most everything folks don't understand is called a virus.

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    There is absolutely no way for anyone to tell you what is wrong with your system without physically opening it and testing the components.

    I'd say you were lucky to get the use out of it you did.

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