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    Question File conversion to Mac issues!!!
    So I recently switched to a Mac and got the MacBook but I am having some issues with working with documents.

    I have iWorks installed and am trying to use my Mac for school but here are the issues I am facing.

    My school colleagues sent me a powerpoint document to edit and I was able to open it and input my information but when I go to save it is where my problems start. I save it and select save a copy as a Powerpoint document and then go back to continuing to add my changes. Then I want to just click Save to update and keep my changes but it always asks me where I want to save it and if I want to Overwrite the original copy, it doesn't just save it as the same document with my updated changes.

    So, I select to overwrite and when I go back to the document all of my information that I inputed is either gone or not correct!!!

    I always have this same issue. I can't seem to save and work on a document sent to me from a Windows based program and just use Save to update changes, it always asked me to Overwrite or give it a new name, but then when I do my changes are not saved.

    Sorry for the long post but I hope it's clear and someone out there can help me. I have to get this school assignment completed and this issue is not allowing me to do that.

    Is there some method to convert documents to my Mac that I am missing or some step that I don't know about??????

    Thanks for the help, I'm sure someone has run into this issue before?

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    Welcome to the Forum. If you select Save it will overwrite the original - if you select Save As then you get to keep original and choose a new destination. In 'Save As' you get to choose if you want it in iWork 08 as well. If you choose Export from File Menu then you get lots more choices.

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    I open the document they send me and then select Save As. I then select Save a Copy as a PowerPoint document. I give it a new name and save it and then continue to work. But then when I hit Save to keep my new work it doesn't just Save, it asks me to Overwrite the one I just saved, not just Save. So I do that as I only have the option to do this or cancel, but when I do this my work gets lost and doesn't Save.

    How am I supposed to do this, I have inputed all of my work 4 times now and each time I lose it, it is becoming frustrating and I need to get my assignment done.

    Oh yes, as well, the red close button in the top left corner never has an 'X' in it to close the document, always a black circle in the middle and when I click this to close it always brings up the Save as function again, oh my!

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    You have to understand that Keynote cannot edit PowerPoint files. It will import and export PowerPoint files, but you cannot work on or change them directly. Keynote only edits Keynote documents.

    When you first import a PowerPoint file, you are actually creating a new Keynote document with the contents of the old PowerPoint file.

    When you check the "Save a copy as PowerPoint" box, you are not saving the Keynote document that you have open; you are exporting a separate PowerPoint file.

    It sounds as if you are exporting the new PowerPoint file to a different location than where you left your friends' original. You are then replacing this new file over and over again, and then expecting the original file to be updated.

    I suspect you will find at least two copies of the file if you do a Spotlight search; the original file and at least one exported file with your changes.

    Basically, if you want to use Keynote to work with PowerPoint files, you're going to have to keep track of your files more carefully. Pay careful attention to which folders you are saving into.

    Or just get a copy of PowerPoint instead, so that you don't have to worry about importing and exporting.

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    Thank you very much for the response and the useful information.

    Not knowing too much about a Mac when I ordered mine from Apple I asked if there would be any issue with compatability and the agent informed me that all you have to do is select Save a Copy as and you would be good to go and there would be no issues.

    After delving into the issue I now understand that compatability between these programs is not as cut and dry as the Agent stated and that there are going to be issues. I'm learning as I go, at least now I have some understanding and the frustration of it just not working won't have to be there.

    Thanks again.

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