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    May 12, 2010
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    New Convert to Apple!
    I'm about one month into a new 21.5' iMac, and I can honestly say I don't miss a thing about Windows. Not only does the machine itself operate extremely well, the customer service experience thus far (purchase, workshops, support) has been stellar. I don't think I've had a better experience with any other product or service previously. As I learn, I'll likely need some help and this forum seems to be a good resource. Looking forward to hearing about other viewpoints and experiences!


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    It's all good with Apple.
    Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
    Mahatma Gandhi

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    i am not surprised @ all you like it.... i had a PowerBook many years ago for/from work, had to give it back (still regret that, should have bought it from them :} ...then i got 2 Apple II's from my late father-in-law, which i played it just for fun (have to mention i also still play on my Atari 2600 :} couple of years ago i got a iMac -that was suppose to be recycled, played with it and finally a few weeks ago i bought a 2nd hand MacBook which works great (after i replaced the DVD drive) and slowly but surely both at work and @ home it's replacing my Vista laptop + it compliments my iPhone :}

    sorry... long reply.

    welcome, once you go Mac, you won't go back.
    iPhone 4 /16GB MacBook3,1 iPad my blog

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    Congrats on the purchase of the iMac. And if you have any questions feel free to ask them here on these forums.

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    docbombay, an Apple a day keeps the crashes away!

    Taking classes to learn how it works... Good for you!

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    Right there with you, got my MBP 2 weeks ago, and I have never been happier with a computer I have owned, it is early still, but I really like the interface and everything about it. Now I am trying to figure out all of the different things I need to use to make it the best tool possible.

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