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Thread: Arrival of Mac

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    Arrival of Mac
    Halllo everyone,

    my macbook comes today, and before I get it out of the box and subsequently overload with information and break it, I was wondering what should the first things I do be??

    I'm a long time user of windows from 97 onwards and have had nothing but issues, so after about a year of being convinced to switch and I finally did.

    But as I'm so used to using windows whenever I get a new computer there's an hours worth of things to do before I can enjoy my machine. Is there any such issue with the mac or can I literally just use it straight from the box??


    p.s the specs of the mac are in my profile bit over there <---- if they are of any use to anyone

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    Welcome to the Forum. If it is a new unit then yes get it out of the box plug it in and waltz through the intro where you add your details. Connecting with ethernet lead gets you on line with no config.
    If u are buying used always a good plan to do a clean install or archive and install and start afresh.
    Meantime have a look at this.

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