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Thread: Queston about font size

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    Queston about font size
    I was considering a mac - an imac and possibly a laptop. My only frustration w/ the Imac is that I can't read the ridiculously tiny default font. I wear glasses and use a 27" display at a relatively low res of 1920x1200 (and I like it). I'm looking at the 27" imac but I can't read the text. I know that you can increase the size in Safari. In Windows I can change the default text size across the board. The mac person at the store couldn't help me. We googled it together and all we found were posts about how certain people don't like macs b/c the text is too small.

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    that was sort of a bad start - the whole reason I'm considering the switch is b/c I just bought my wife an Ipad and I love the thing. The display alone makes me want to get a mac.

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    Hey welcome yakapo ... 1st thing is you can go into your previous post to EDIT it which saves you from posting again in your own thread . Just FYI

    I sometimes have episodes where i cant read a certain page and the easiest thing for me to increase the font size is to is to use this keyboard shortcut CMD~+ and that will increase the page size in it entirety and refit it within your screen. To go back to normal size use CMD~- keyboard shortcut


    EDIT : AHhhh after a reread i see you know the Safari thing Sorry
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    I'm also getting a little annoyed with Apple's push for higher and higher resolutions on its displays without any way to increase the text size to compensate. 12-point text is now about half the size of 12-point text on the original Macintosh models. It's sharper, but still smaller.

    Safari (both on the Mac, and especially on the iPhone and iPad) has a beautiful facility for zooming in. OS X actually has a somewhat similar feature available to developers, but it's not ready for regular users yet, since most applications don't support it and look blurry. (The feature has actually been there for five years now.)

    You could always get a Mac mini or a Mac Pro and buy a display with a more humane resolution.

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    This issue really is a sore problem from Mac OS X that needs to be solved by Apple. Aside from increasing the font sizes in your web browsers you can also increase the font and folder icons used by Finder. You can also increase/decrease the size of the dock. I know this isn't exactly the solution the OP was looking for but it helps.

    Yakapo the other option is to get the 21.5" iMac since it has a lower resolution that is closer to what you have been using or get a Mac laptop and hook it up to your external monitor you are using now. If you use only that external monitor when hooked up to your laptop then it should be exactly what you are used to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EndlessMac View Post
    This issue really is a sore problem from Mac OS X that needs to be solved by Apple.
    Agreed. In the meantime, I'm surprised no one has even come up with a magnifying glass strip to fit over the top of the screen, or something.

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