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Thread: I am so freaking new

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    I am so freaking new
    I finally said to forget it and got a Imac. I love it so far. I hope to learn tons from this forum and maybe make so friends.

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    Well, you've come to a good place. I was a mac guy right along, but missed out on a year of computing fabulousness when my computer had died. I came to the Mac-Forums and caught right up. There are a ton of very knowledgeable people here with multi-platform backgrounds. Stick around and you'll learn a ton about your new mac.

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    l am new on forum but using mac for 2.5 years you ll love mac.. and well.. l dont know that much like these people about systems l think and l got shy when l wrote about some weird problem of mine because people are asking questions to help and since l am not that good on systems like you all, l reply more amateur and a bit confusing l guess lets learn and share all together in the forum

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