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    One year switching anniversary
    It was one year ago this week that I completed my switch to Mac. In the beginning of April I bought my very first Mac, my Aluminum Macbook with 2.4ghz Duo, 4gb ram, 320HD. By the end of the month, I couldn't stand working on my Windows box at work and bought my 24inch iMac 3.06ghz Duo, 4gb ram, 1tb HD.

    I switched after a year of consecutive crashes (some virus related, some due to poorly written programs and several Windows Update snafus) where I lost my desktop three times and burned through two new HP Pavilions in one year.

    Since my switch:
    Not one crash on either machine.
    Not one kernel panic.
    Not one reformat required.
    Not one reinstallation of ANY software.
    No data losses.
    Not ONE SINGLE DAY of lost productivity.
    No more screwing around with system settings (other than for fun - Candy Bar is great!)

    It is great living in Mac world where I no longer am forced to think/repair the OS and/or hardware on a daily basis.
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    Good to hear u r having good experiences

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    nice, isn't it? I know some people resist making the change or are skeptical of the same, but ones who have moved are pretty happy with the switch... I wish Apple uses this as an advertising for their further sales.
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    Sweet! Mac rules, .

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    And that's exactly why people should switch to Mac. And to the Original poster. You should still invest in a portable ahrd drive for time machine or carbon copy cloner. You can never be to safe or secure. I've only ever had to use my TM backups once but for that one time you'll be glad you have it there.

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